The design of nature

Most of us are caught in the myth of discomfort and its reasons. Let me explain. Most of us are caught up in why some thing bad happened to us? Why did she leave me? Why I was born to such parents? Why I had a dysfunctional family? Why I had not the opportunity that others had? Why did this pimple just hit my face? Why does this always happen that gives me pain? Why did I have to go through such a divorce? Why have not I been offered such a good job offer?

Did you ever come through these kind of dialogues that we hear from our ownselves internally or a friend often frustrated at these things. We are caught up in the myth of the reasoning for discomfort. We focus only on one aspect of it: the discomfort that we had.

However the wisdom of the ages, divine logic and insight into  spiritual knowledge speaks another language, that we have “learnt” to ignore.

To ease out our souls, mind and heart it is very basic and essential to know the design of nature. There are a few principles. Very simple to understand that most of the children practice those as a very part of their intrinsic nature,  but kings and people of court and congress men and corporate leaders often tend to forget, only to throw them in despair, surprise and mental pressures of why that happened to us.

First, nothing happens just like that. Every thing that happens to us is planned and follows a certain set of principles. The first rule is to know the principles.

Second, these principles are directed toward us.

Third, we are the center of the universe. Each one of us, individually and uniquely is the centre of it all.

Even geometrically and arithmetically, if the universe were finite, then the centre of it would be some where in the centre of its diagonals or its diameters. Since the universe is infinite and has no boundaries, every single point in universe can be considered its centre.

Philosophically, each one of us measures pain, pleasure, happiness, life, happenings, benefits, losses, accidents, joys from the perspective of “I”. We thus behaviorally are centres of our universe too.

Fourth, the principles and acts of universe are directed towards us for a purpose.

Fifth, there is a certain Director of these acts of universe, whatever you may call it, the God force, the Hand of God, the invisible hand of Universe, the Pivot, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Maheo, Atva, Waaken Tanka, Siddha, Jehovah, Osenbula, Akua or the Imaam.

This director is not only very wise but very generous, but at the same time does not lose control. Many authors and saints have pointed to this fact.

Sixth, we grow only when we face a challenge, a difficulty, a task or a hurdle. Our brain registers an experience as worth while only if it pushes us out of our comfort zones.

Seventh, the purpose is to make us grow in ourselves, not in size or shape but in our spirit. The mind is the other face of the coin called spirit.  Thus we throughout our journey shall be thrown a number of such situations upon us, that would push us towards our limits.

Eighth, our all efforts of going through such difficulties shall go invain, if we do not know the entire purpose of our being. We shall keep banging our head against the walls of “real” life tough tests ( which we love to call reality) and we would never ever know why that or why this happened to us or we shall be spending our life full of complaints, grudges, unhappiness and discomforts.

Ninth, principle is based on eighth. Logically, it becomes essential, utmost, extremely important to know our soul purpose of being. If we do not know it or do not effort to know it, we would spend a life of hassle, frustration, chaos, mental stress, lack of joy, running into a rat race, finding ourselves caught up in the frenzy of trends, a life of borrowed thoughts, ideas and routines, standards that do not belong to us or which cause us more frustration than ease.

Tenth, each single situation of discomfort directed against us has a purpose and this purpose is to let us reach our destiny. 

Eleventh, each situation that tends to throw us off our track in fact has a huge reason in it: to let us grow to handle much more that shall be coming ahead. This what comes ahead throws us off more than the previous situation. We have to get back on the track again, but this time we have become more stronger.

Twelvth, this cycle continues till we have become stronger, capable or grown enough to handle the destiny for which we were originally brought into being. Before the final reward is handled to us, the hand of God ensures that we really are capable to handle this. This ensurement is brought about in a form of one large huge test that includes all the elements of those that we had previously been enduring, you can call it a comprehensive exam that so many educational bodies in professional competency exams conduct. This comprehensive exam includes the test for everything that we have learnt to date, ensuring that we do not lose the reward we would gain.

And if we do, we are rewarded immensely. The design of nature becomes complete. People who have created huge successes in spiritual world or the world of finance, corporate leadership, development of their countries, or research know this consciously or subconsciously and understand the design of nature. In this design there is no word as failure built into it.

Failure is only the point at which we decide to not follow the design any more and stand out of the circle.

Understand the design, understand yourself, understand the hand of God.

And we can only know the hand of God, when we have understood the design in our context or we have understood ourselves in the context of this design.

Thus very truly said by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s): ” The one who understood himself, understood his God !” And the great Iqbal says: “”yeh tau chalti hey tujhay ooncha uranay kay leay””

PS:  For the readers from the West and those unaware of Iqbal, the complete verse is as follows:

“” Tundi e baad e mukhalif sey na ghabra ay uqaab, 

Yeh tau chalti hey tujhay ooncha uranay key leay “” 

Translation : The words are addressed to the Eagle:  ” And do not be worried/threatened / frustrated by the furiosity of the wind that blows against you, It only does to soar you high.” 

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