The Escape Velocity

There are many opinions as to who created this universe and us, but there are no two opinions that it is the same hand that carved us and its the very hand that made the universe.

Logically, theoretically and intelligence-wise the rules which define gravity, magentism, electro-magnetism, the law of heat, inertia, momentum, the law of pressures etc also define us in our spirituality and day to day life as well.

We only choose to ignore or not pay attention to those.

One such phenomenon observed is that of escape velocity.  In the world of physics escape velocity is the speed at which the kinetic energy exactly equals the gravitational potential energy of an object.  It is the speed needed to “break free” from a gravitational field without further propulsion.

For most of us readers not very much into physics, in  simple words it is the speed required to get out of the pull of the earth.  This speed is roughly 11.2 km or 6.96 miles per second. Yessss, this is an enormous speed.

To achieve this and to surpass this speed a rocket burns 90% of its fuel for the whole journey from earth to the earths orbit and back. During this period it undergoes through enormous pressures of gravitational pull, the speed of air through which it moves and of heat generated by its engines.  It spends extra-ordinary amounts of energy to break the pull of the earth.

Once it has done, its escape velocity has equalled the pull of the earth and then increased than that,  the rest of the journey becomes virtually easy and a rocket completes it with only 10% of the fuel.

It is the first one minute of a rockets’  journey that is most consuming in terms of energy, focus and all types of pressures sustained by the machine as well as by the people being carried by it. The pressures are gravitational, wind or air resistance, heat; internal because of engines and external because of air friction, emotional, physiological on our bodies and brains, electromagnetic and almost a mix of virtually every kind of pressure we humans have to go through while our stay on earth.

Once escaped the pull of the earth, things suddenly seem to be calm, silent and beautiful. It is in the words and interviews of a majority of the astronauts and cosmonauts that I have used the three words: calm, silent and beautiful. They say that they had waited for that moment their whole lives. One final view outside your space shuttle of the earth, the blue planet and your efforts are rewarded.

Why I am quoting this here? Because it has a deep relationship to how the hand of nature or the sphere of destiny handles us. We have to escape the escape velocity limit.  In any venture the most tough and the hardest is to begin.

It is during its first 6 months that an oak can die. In the next two years it remains vulnerable, but once if it has crossed that limit it reaches to great heights.

It is 8 out of 10 businesses that fail and close down in their first two years. Those which surpass next 2 years, another staggering 70% is shut down in next 3 years, but those which can survive, go a long long way.

Whenever we start a venture, a business, a new goal, things start to counter us. The amount of resistance we face is directly proportional to the mass of the goal set. The larger the goal, the higher the resistance.

This resistance comes from any where and every where. What are you doing John? Why have you started this Hassan? There is no scope out there for this? What made you think you can be a hit at arts ? No one shall read this article? Your shop is going nowhere. You cannot make a cancer hospital here in this part of the world. The maximum resistance comes from those nearest to you.

Then there are financial pressures. People do not commit to what they say. Your invoices are not cleared in time. You never seem to have enough of the money resources. You think, if I had just that little amount to invest,  things could have gotten easier for me.

There are social pressures. There are pressures of temporary losses and defeats. There are pressures people look at you and at your visiting cards. There are pressures to sit in the waiting rooms of business people.

There are pressures to fulfill your financial commitments and pay your bills and some times you think you should not have started that in the first place.

There are pressures to face peoples’ opinions. There are pressures to face yourself and your spouse and your children.

And they are all enormous. It could be the first five years of your venture that could be really really tough and pulling you to your limit, but do one thing, keep on keeping on.

You keep on keeping on, struggling every single day, every single hour for that final moment when you had visualized things to happen the way you want them to happen. You get your reward of the view of your blue planet from your success window of voyager.  The rest of the journey is easy.

Have you ever have wondered on some ones phenomenal success, wondering how could they just get it? Or thinking this guy must be into dealing platinum ore or dealing in crack? Do one thing, go to that guy and ask him what he had to go through. The chances are he would have been rewarded after much being beaten up by the escape velocity before he finally beat it.

Once you have escaped the pull of the things against your goal, all things seem to favour you. You go to a shop and a customer drops a bag and while helping him carry the things back, you find he is the very person who wants to invest in your line. You go out and by some magic every meeting goes perfectly. The  people you want to meet are as if almost waiting for you to catch up. The things you want to complete are by some miracle supported by the environment and the people around. The advertisements that are being thrown in the newspapers are as if they were specifically designed to meet the requirements you had qualified upon.

The very hand that resisted you starts to favour  you. The very pull of gravity that almost teers apart the rocket is its biggest support on its journey way back. The very same businesses that had kept you waiting in their lounges begin to send you invitations without you asking them. You become a phenomenon.

It is perhaps the rule of nature, the Sunnah of God to test people with a device called time. You have to endure that test and stay on ground before the final rewarding ceremony begins.  The irony is that we envy people with extreme success, we some how just quit before the escape velocity was about to be beaten.

Stay up, stay on the track and just tell yourself one thing: “I have to endure the escape velocity !”

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