The Four Most Important Questions To Live A Life of Purpose

Answering four questions shall enlighten you. Think on them. Spend some quality time on finding their answers. The answers shall not only enlighten you but bring you a breeze of bliss.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where I have come from?
  3. Why I am here?
  4. Where shall I leave to from here?

These four questions have one thing in common. They define your purpose of being here. These questions require you to think that you are not just an organism here to have been born, eat, reproduce and die.

Who am I?

Are you some ne comprising tissues, cells, bones, blood, nerves and a mix of some chemicals or enzymes only?

Are we defined by our appearance only like our looks, our skin color, the built of our body, the language we speak, the house we live in, the car we drive, the wrist, watch or bracelet we wear, the luxuries we have at our disposal?

Are we like a beaker in a chemistry lab? We have more than what is contained in a beaker. We are alive. We think. We have a mind. We have a soul. How much of “I” is a soul and how much of “I” is a body? The part of us that is a soul; does it require for its enrichment as well? What is its food? What does it dwell on? Does it wither or die or get de-spirited?

Who am I referring to when I say the word “I”? Is it the person thinking about me? If this is the person thinking about me, then who is me?

Is the person who is thinking and whom the thoughts are about same or are two different persons?

If I am not a body only and I am more than that, which is inserted or sent and then taken off from my body( when I die), where do I go? And that question logically invites another question:

2. Where do I come from?

If I have come from another place, where is it?

Is that place in some other dimension or physical form?

Does that place exist in time only in some other portal?

Can I go back to that place, from where I came here to this world or this planet?

How long did I take to be here?

How truly old am I?

How can I go back to that place?

Well, what if I just want to pay a visit back there to satisfy my curiosity?

Why no one has ever been able to tell me about this?

Do they not themselves know?

Have they come from the same place or is it me only?

What if I had chosen to not come to this place?

Was I free to choose?

Did I come here by my own choice?

Will I be free to leave this place?

Who decided for my journey and my stay at this place?

If it was my own choice, when did I chose that?

If it was someone else’s choice who is he or her?

And the above question leads to the logical next:

3. Why I am here?

Why did he or she or they send me here?

If I was sent here, what was the reason?

If I came here by my own choice, still what was the reason?

Will someone tell me about that reason?

Was that reason so important to have a strict biological process define and create a body in which I have to reside?

Does this all journey have a purpose?

Have I ever contemplated to find that purpose?

How will I know that purpose or reason for which I was sent here?

Who will tell me?

Is there a mentor?

What if I do not have a purpose at all?

If I do not have a purpose at all, does this statement fit in the world of logic, rationality and the reason with which the design of this universe is made?

If I have reason to be here, how can I fulfill it?

How will I know what is the best possible way to fulfill this reason?

How will I know that I am right?

How will I know that I am wrong?

Do other beings have a reason as well?

Was that reason unique to me?

Was it only me who could have fulfilled the reason?

If no, anyone else could have done the job? Then why I was sent here?

If yes, it was only me who was fit for the job, what is that job?

How will I know that job is done?

How will I know how long it will take?

Will I still stay here, after the reason has been fulfilled?

And will I leave this place, after the reason of my being here has been fulfilled?

This creates the final question:

4. Where shall I leave to from here?

And when my time shall be over here which we call death, since I have not yet found anyone who does not die, where shall I leave to?

What shall be my next stop in this journey?

Would I be alone?

Who will accompany me?

Why I am not allowed to take anyone along?

How can I start my journey to the other world myself?

Shall I be proud? Shall I would be thinking myself as successful.

Shall I be allowed to know some secrets which I do not know yet?

Shall I have my answers then?

Answering to the above four questions open the doors to the truth of spirituality.

Answering to the same four questions will open doors of wisdom, purposefulness and the ultimate truth, most of the human beings keep on avoiding their whole life.

Answering to the four questions above or even contemplating on them with a genuine intention to find the truth, is one of the biggest sources of joy I have ever come across in my life.

That shall be the first step towards living a life of purposefulness and ultimately towards living a life full of profound joy.

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