The Gardener’s Eye: Why People Quit?

I never for once dropped a program or a project because…
a. None or very few from the audience was there or
b. We did not get the response from market like we were expecting e.g. initial appreciation about the program was low or
c. We had issues in the beginning during its launch (issues with external people, resources or within team mates)

I always used to think:

1. What if we have not reached enough number of people?
2. What if the message reached to them is not that strong?
3. What if the environment was not right when the receiver viewed the message? (noisy work space, headache, being caught in a hurry)?
This meant, we could always take another NEXT chance?

And I would say to myself.. this time I am not letting it happen the previous way.I will make it better.

I would think: “If I quit, this would mean all my previous effort did not mean much to me. It did not mean much to me because I was not sure whether it would work or not.”

People quit because they do not have the gardener’s eye. They do not see a tiny seed into a full grown blossomed apple tree. Despite all the hard winter and the lack of rain, a gardener plants the seeds just because he has one thing in his mind: “How it will look like when it is all grown”?

People leave things in the middle because they are not sure where they want to go and the efforts taken towards the steps are naturally not worth it, since they could have lead them anywhere.They do not have “end” in their mind when they begin.

For me life has been different. I have always the end in my mind for which I will try my best. I am not bothered or smothered by the results. “Results” is not my headache. Its the God’s. What I have to do is what I will do.

Quitting was a sin, I never could afford.