The Moderate Earth

I was watching carefully as some of my cousins were digging the earth.
Above on the surface, it was hard soil, but with each hit of pickaxe, shovel and spade, the soft dark moist soil started to appear.
They were all replacing each other in turns while digging my uncle’s grave.

It’s quite uneasy to watch that to happen, but yet it is at the same time, very deep thought evoking.

The soil , the earth for the first time in my life , I did realize is moderate.
It’s neither too hard that we would slip walking over it and won’t able to grow any thing on it, nor is it too soft, that it makes our feet stuck into it.
Its neither very cold, nor its too hot.
In summers the water from the wells down below is pleasantly cold and in winters it’s pleasantly warm.

It has got moderation into every aspect of it. The regions of earth which do not show such a moderation on a regional scale, still create moderation at the global level by becoming a balancing force of an opposite extreme present some where else on the globe.

Extremism is uncontrolled, untamed will. Ruthless and barbaric. Moderation is keeping a control. Emotions handled with love.
For the very first time I did realize that the creator of the Earth, who so ever he is has completed his job, very moderately, very lovingly !

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