The opposite of love , a perfect antonym?

I had been in search of a perfect word that would be opposite of love. Those who are reading this blog for the first time, I am not speaking off the love depicted in movies and romance literature. Neither I am mentioning the love from Sufi-ism.

The first time I came across the idea, I was stunned. It was a feeling of a pleasant surprise and eureka. I found it. Ahaa……so that was it I was looking for.
The antonym of the true meaning of word love is : laziness !

All kinds of laziness, mental laziness that stops us from accepting the truth, just because we have been stuck with our mental inertia for the past so many years. How can we accept some thing other than what we have been believing for the past so many years as true?

The other laziness is physical, that relates to any kind of taking action. . We procrastinate. We do not exercise. We do not call people back. We refuse to see them. We do not do important things, not because we have not enough time, but because we are not loving enough. We are lazy.

We do not love ourselves enough !

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