The opposite of love is laziness

Take action. Start with some thing very very small and manageable. Do not try to find an escape route. Do not try to waste your time looking for some thing easy. Start an action that proves that you are valuable. That tells you that your body, your time, your health, your relationships , your emotions, your self , your hygiene, your every thing is valuable.

Start with exercise to prove your body and health is valuable.

Start to talk with your siblings and parents to tell that they are valuable.

Reduce TV watching hours to tell yourself that your time is valuable.

Start eating healthy and refuse junk food to prove yourself that you value your health.

Start praying or whatever ritual you do to tell you value your beliefs.

Start reading , even if its a page a day to tell yourself that you value mental growth.

Start… please start. Take action. You are too valuable to let yourself fall victim for inaction or laziness.

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