The Power of Now!

The one question that almost kept on coming back to me was: where to begin?

Whether it was about starting a business or planning an exercise routine, or trying to re-build a relationship or how to get rid of an unwanted habit, the question almost always stays there: where to begin.

The answer is simple. Yet is revealed only upon those who spend genuine time on the thought process. It is two words: Begin Now.

Start small.

With whatever resources you have. Beginning is important.

Set first small target, like getting your business name registered or walking a brisk walk for 20 minutes, even 10 would do.

Chunk down the target into further smaller target like picking up a phone and calling the registration authority, here it is SECP in our part of the world.

Ask the people who have given the world its current shape. Ask people who have been tremendously successful or who have benefited millions of people in the globe. They all began small. Began with whatever resources they had at their hands. They did not wait for that perfect moment, that perfect partner, that perfect financing deal with a perfect sponsor.

They just began. I do not know for sure, that when they began, had they known the power behind that all process but I am sure, that years after their ventures turned successful in all its meanings, they all acknowledged that true immense source of power and change: the power of NOW !

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