The Purpose of Pain

Like all of us I had my share of hard times. And I find  some how I had quite a big share, but I was lucky enough to have all that quite in a row. Like one event wont end and another would start. All painful. All pushing me to my limits.

And right in the middle of those so many events, I would ponder, why me?  Though it was not and never in a complaining tone, as I today hear from so many participants of my seminars. I have young teenage girls complaining “why me ” upon finding a pimple on their chin. Or even a small mishap such as not making up to the college drama team. 

The “why me”, I used to think was not this. It was never a complaint.  It was an expression of wonder. I would think, what is the purpose of this all? It must have a reason. No one can be pushed to one’s limits without a reason or else this all activity would render useless. And the generous hand of nature could be tagged with many labels, but useless it could never be.

I now know, I needed so much lessons and improvements and learning to do. I needed so many repairs and healings and errors to be removed. I needed so much peeling as we timber logs need before they are put to a use.

I now know that every single pain that is desined for us has a purpose. The purpose is to let us grow because we only grow out of pain. Easiness may be much sought after, but it does not contain growth. And there is some one, some where, who loves me so much, that some one wants me to grow. That is the purpose of my pain.  That’s the purpose of our pain !



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