The Right Tool To Assess People

We consciously and subconsciously assess people using our intelligence. We assess people for different reasons. We simply want to know them. We want to know beyond what they have told us about them. We want to know how good friends will they become or how well we will do at partnerships with them or will they turn out to be great spouses?

Very few of us will ever know that intelligence is not the right tool to assess people. Wisdom is.

Intelligence is the capacity to perform certain things and skills. These actions and skills have a varied range e.g. logical/mathematical: aptitude for math, logic, and deduction; spatial /visual: aptitude for picturing and seeing; musical: aptitude for musical expression; linguistic/verbal: aptitude for the written or spoken word; bodily/kinesthetic: aptitude for being physical; emotional: aptitude for identifying emotion and interpersonal i.e. the ability to go along with people well.

Wisdom belongs to the higher category. The right tool to know, assess and judge people is wisdom and not intelligence. Wisdom is the ability to put love to practice. Wisdom is to see what people can become, rather than what they are. Intelligence is to see keenly what is wrong with the other person. Wisdom is to find out the best in her despite her weaknesses.

Intelligence is to see the friction among two people. Wisdom is to see what they can transform into. Wisdom is the ability to project in future the complete picture, despite all the weaknesses a human being carries with him and still seeing the picture beautiful. Wisdom is the tool to give and receive love. That is why very intelligent people sometimes are incapable to receive and give love because they are not using the right tool and do not think there is a need to.