The science and secret of becoming wealthy

Wealth is much more than getting rich. You can have a lot of money but still be un-wealthy, unhappy or living with a very low self esteem. Much has been said, written, documented and delivered that involves getting rich but much less about becoming wealthy. Wealth comes with peace of mind, self satisfaction, a normal health, a responsible life style. Wealth is at a higher value encompassing merely getting rich.

The universe is designed in a manner that you can almost get any thing provided you want to pay the price. The price is not in terms of cash currency only, but in terms of the sacrifices we make, the hardships we endure, the opportunities and relationships we are ready to sacrifice for our choices. You can decide to erect a multimillion dollar business empire but perhaps would have to sacrifice your mental freedom. You can be famous and a super star but that would come at a cost of almost no private life. You can pursue money only but may be at the cost of your relationship with your children.

The secret of becoming wealthy is simple, yet very few know it. More few believe it to be true. Fewer actually do it, but it has all the truth hidden in itself. By following the secret you do not get rich over night, but definitely become wealthy in a reasonable span of time depending upon your honest commitment, sincerity, habitual patterns and time dedicated.

I call it a science because it follows a simple cause and effect relationship. You do certain things ( the cause) and the results follow ( the effect). Although variations in results may exists because of multiplicity of factors like working style, number of hours, attitudes towards life, success and failures, persistence , ambition level,  service or business potential, general trends in the economy but in the long term success shall always follow.

1. Discover your passion: This is the first and most essential step. Without it you cannot be wealthy. How would you find your true passion? There are ways to find your true joy. What makes you happy when you do it? What makes you forget to look at your wrist watch while you are doing it? Discovering your true passion may not be very easy. While some of you might be lucky enough to know it already, majority of us shall have to take some real effort and time to find out what it is. It is not perhaps it is hidden but we have forgotten to look inside of us. The effort to discover this true passion strengthens our ability to look in side of us and as soon as we have developed this forgotten ability, we find it right away.  I shall be further writing about discovering true passion in an article exclusively since I have realized that in needs much more elaboration.

2. Practice your passion to become an expert at it: Become the ultimate guru, master, the meastro, mentor, the best at knowing, doing, practicing your passion work.  Spend time and be willing to spend time on that. Here time is the key to excellence. Any thing that you spend genuine time upon, pays!

One thousand hours spent at any activity can make you a master. Another 1,000 a guru. Another 1,000 you become a legend at that.  Spending 3 hours a day at your passion thus takes you approximately 3 years to become a master and another six to become a legend. Give more time and you start to impact the globe. Have you not heard of Albert Einstein, Soichiro Honda, Bill Gates, Alexander Grahm Bell, Sir Anwar Pervez, Steve Jobs, Paulo Coelho and the list is unending.

During my seminars and training sessions people ask me that they have seen doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers, social workers and so many others spending their lives in their professions but they are far from becoming legends or even gurus. The answer is that most of us who have chosen to be into our professions or jobs have not done this by following our passion. We did it because we had to or we thought that becoming a dentist would make us rich or becoming an investment banker would make us a millionaire. In our part of the world, art has been considered the bleakest of the professions, where there is no future, no job, no permanent monthly financial package. Ask this to Amin Gulgee who has excelled in this by following his heart.

Wealth does not lie in a profession. It lies in our heart.

3. Weave your livelihood around your passion. In simple words find out a way how can you use your passion to earn.  That’s up to your creativity, mental focus, trying out different things, models etc.

4. Use your passion to serve: Now here many get confused. By no means I want to say to start offering a free service or going to hospital to voluntarily make beds for cancer patients. Every person who genuinely understands the science of wealth knows that true service means an action that increases the quality of life of the people obtaining that service. Period. That’s it.

By giving service to other people does not mean you are saying good bye to your income. If you can use your passion to add to the quality of life of people, people shall be more than happy to pay you and there is no dearth of people who shall appreciate your product or service or knowledge. If you find a difficulty understanding this ask the following questions to yourself:

a. Did Microsoft windows or any of the MS Office programs let you do your work easily and comfortably in lesser time, with lesser errors? Did quality of your work life improve?

b. Did Blackberry improve the quality of your communication?

c. Did Thomas A.Edison do some thing good that you are now not lurking in the dark when the sun sets? Is it good to use electric bulbs and energy savers in our homes?

d. Did Savour Foods or KFC allowed you to have nice meals in a quick time during your lunch breaks?

e. Did McAfee or AVG or Panda or a similar virus protection service help your data stay safe and untouched?

f. Did Shifa Hospital add value to the health services around?

g. Did your local internet service provider do a favour to you?

e. Did Sachin Tendulkar, Wasim Akram, Brett Lee, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, Clint Eastwood, Shakira, Robert Di Nero, Angelina Jolie,Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig (its an unending list again) not provide you with some good time of fun and leisure?

And we were more than willing to pay for some thing that would add to the quality of our life, even if the service was a little expensive than the rest. 

There is always a market for a genuine service like that. If there had not been a genuine market, the invisible hand of universe would not have endowed you with that quality. Use your passion to make lives of others easier. Use your passion to improve the quality of life for others. Mark it in your head. Quality always is delivered first before the financial and other gains appear.

 5. Make some one else a sharer in your rewards. You can do this by any or a mix of following options.

a. Find some one who can be a part of your team and shares your passion. Thus you would truly be able to support each others work, creativity or ideas.

b. Be ready to employ people who are passionate and competent about your passion. Thus you find a common passion. You won’t have to over see them to make them work or you won’t have to get tensed for your employees for not working or delivering.

By providing some one an employment, you are creating a path of providing financial income to some one who has not yet discovered his way to create own earnings stream, but please do not be caught in the traditional university degree mythology. Competence cannot be measured through a university degree. Recently I came to know about an objection made upon a star in our cricket team. This objection truly reflected the cocooned mentality of its provider. The star was objected upon the grounds that he did not have a matriculation (an educational qualification equaling grade 10 or 0-levels) in our part of the world.

Find your own ways to judge the people who you shall be willing to take in your team. If you work involves accountancy practice, well the team partners shall have to be qualified accountants, no doubt, but do not fall in the traditional education trap.

c. Give back. Be ready to give back what you earn from your society. If you have earned financial gains, be ready to give or spend 10% of your every pay check back to the people with lesser means to earn. Do not wait for becoming a millionaire for charity work.

If you have gained success because some one truly motivated you, forward the favor to some one who truly needs it. If you were taken care of when you were sick, find some one to take care off in his or her sickness.

The best acts are anonymous. The best favours are to those who are closest to you. The best of the best acts are when you are not looking for a favour back. If you cannot discover the true pain of your closest ones and do nothing about it, there is no use to make huge aims serving the masses.

One of our friends may need some cash and may not ask us because of shame. One of our brothers might be looking for some one who could assist him in shifting to his new house. One of our students may need some extra help or hours of study. Just have a deeper look around and you would find so many places to support and lend a hand: to give back to others what you gained.

One final word: it is the meeting point of two energy electrodes: your passion and true service to others that the spark called wealth is produced. Follow your heart. If you won’t follow your heart, who else will? 

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