The shifting of inner core

The recent earth quake  in Japan 14:46 Tokyo Time on March 11, 2011 shifted Earth’s axis by 10 inches.  It took a huge jolt of 8.9 magnitude to do that.

In the late hours of the night,  all I do listen is the click click of my key board. The past few years seem to be like a dream. I wonder if they ever existed in reality. I wonder if they ever were a part of real time.

I look back into the past in the silence of these hours and I feel I am no more what I used to be. I have gone through the pains, the woes, the joys, the pleasures, the winnings and the losses and they all have made me what I am.

I am changed and yet I find the most inner deep core has remain unchanged, unaltered by any of the event, harsh or smooth. That inner core is what I really am.

For some a jolt or an event of much less magnitude shifts their core. This shift is often not controlled but involuntary and thus often not very benevolent.

For some, rather a few, it takes only a huge event to shift their inner core.

For some more, who are much rare, nothing is able to shift their inner core. They are determined and have an attitude of no matter what.

Their act of not allowing their inner core to shift is a deliberate act, requiring wisdom, poise, self discipline and a commitment to stay what they are. This is an act of love!




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