The Three Phrases Often Wrongly Taken

People often take entirely wrong meanings of “be yourself” , “go with the flow” and “accept me the way I am or  take it or leave it.”

Being yourself does not mean being with your same habits. We are not our habits. Our ability to think about our habits makes us separate from them. So we can almost always change habits which are blocking us. Being yourself means to have your own belief systems, own value hierarchies that come from within; to have your own identities and sub-identities. Whosoever you are and whatsoever you want to be identified with, can get an inspiration from some one but it should not belong to someone else.

Go with the flow never means do what everyone else is doing or wear what every other person is wearing. It means to loosen up yourself as a twig flows on the tiny waves. It means to put your best effort,with your best heart, with your all energies and leave results to which they belong. God. Whatever results. Whatever the way they are thrown at you. Accept them. It is not go with the flow of people. It is go with the flow of God!

I have heard the last phrase from so many people, having one thing common in them. No one who repeatedly insisted on this phrase was ever ready to take responsibility of his/her behavior and felt that he should change it.
It was like an easy escape from working on your ownself to get rid of habits, behaviors, thinking patterns, which bothered not only them but people around them.
Genuine love confronts lack of growth and staleness. People who love you genuinely will always confront you, though there is a way to do that.
Leave it or take it the way it is an excuse, people who do not want to work hard on themselves use to counter the confrontations made upon them.

Before using these three in your life, understand what they truly mean. Your life will be far less complicated.