The Three Worlds

The weather is changing here. I have always been a lover of nature. I have spent quite some time writing about it in my works in Urdu language. I do love to observe the skies and the weather and the trees and their leaves, but this year I had decided to take particular time for it i.e. just to observe. It all began then. It began by first dawning little by little on me as I started sitting down in the open among trees or foothills. I would try to find places where minimum of people could approach. So it was me and the environment around and the bliss of aloneness.(being alone is very different from aloneness)

The first few days nothing much happened except that I started feeling a sudden calm inside.  After the first few days, things began to unfold. The trees did not remain trees. They were not biological creatures who meant to be there, but each tree had its personality. They showed colors which normally we do not see. They created sounds which normally we never hear. They even whispered in a language not known to us but understood very well.

The skies did not remain that way. The colors became sharp. The moods of wind became more noticeable. The sounds of birds changed with sky shades on different days. The grass became different too. It turned emerald green, olive green, ocean blue green, dark green, parrot green, pale green and some times just green.

The stones on the ground and those around hills acted weird too. Their colours were suddenly new, different and carried moods. And then one day it rained. And the silence all around grew. Every droplet could get heard. Every shower spell could leave its full imprint. I was drenched but I did not leave the foothills. With the rain, the gray stones became darker. The red sand became redder. The green of the grass and shrubs became washed. It was not the same place any more. It was entirely different.

It was three new worlds that I discovered. The first upon becoming detached from the city life and taking out time to just sit and observe. The second as it rained and the observed world transcended into another. The third with in me.


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