The two selves and happiness

We have two selves. The memory self and the experiencing self.

Memory self is the part of us that cherishes and lives with and retains memmories. Experiencing self is a part of us that is currently undergoing the present, experiencing today as it is happening now.

Most of us develop a habit of comparison between memory self and the experience. Have you ever heard a similar sentence by someone on a dinner or a day out on a picnic : ” Yeah its great, but we enjoyed more last time”.

And the last time has one issue: it is almost always covered with romanticism. Any thing that becomes our past turns more romantic, because it cannot be accessed any more. It is the past.

The key to happiness is to not let our two selves compare. Retain the past but not necessarily we have to compare it to the experience we are going through today.

We would have some difficulty in the beginning but once we learn to not compare, we start enjoying the bliss, the joy and happiness of living.

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