Things I did not know when I was 18 !

A lot of things….
1. In a journey called life… short is long and long is short. We try to do so many things quickly and for that often are not willing to wait. In our haste to achieve quickly, we take and adopt routes which delay things. The things, ways and methods which seem to be short in fact become long. The ways which seem longer, harder and toil taking, enable us to reach there earlier than we had thought. We have to be willing to pay the legitimate price and that’s it.

2.A woman who comforts you is worth a thousand kingdoms.
3. In long term friendships, even silence is heard.
4. To live is to love.
5. Patience… patience…………..patience !
6. Its not important to convince others of your point of view. It never was…
7. When you love some one…..say it !
8. Let go.
9. We cannot hold water, air and sand in our fist. We cannot hold people forever.
10. To live in the present is true joy.
11. Discovering your sole purpose of life is the only real calmness.
12.When you have faith, your heart does not quake with “what if” questions after you have uttered your prayers.
13. Sex is not the only thing that lets you be attracted towards a woman.
14. In a span of life of 60 to 70 years, having to wait 4-5 years for some thing worth enough or some one valuable enough is worthy enough.
15. We and no one else define our joy.
16. There is a meaning attached to everything that comes your way.
17. Eternal joy is different from being happy.
18 To love is to grow.
19.Now I know that I know nothing !


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