Thirty five years from now ..

Once one of my very good friends got really upset from me.  I thought it was her mistake and she was  sure it was mine. We did really say things to each other that were not supposed to be said.

We stopped talking. We lost the trust. The communication ended !

But nothing faded in my head, but I could do nothing. Things do not remain the same once we lose people. Though I missed her badly and I was very sure that she did miss me as well.

As they say its life  and we get busy and get stuck in our routines but when ever we get free, we feel the ache.

The ache was still there.

And then I came through a quote that said… thirty five years from now, would it still matter that on what issue you got upset ? If it does, then stick to it and if it does not then do what is supposed to be done.

So I picked up the phone and said :” I am sorry and I apologize ! “

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