Three things and a test of love.

When you get up in the morning do three things….

After you are wide awake just sit for a while on a cushion or a comfortable warm carpet.

Do nothing, just sit, no meditation, no breathing exercise, no visualization. Just sit.

Do that for full ten minutes.

Then take a paper or a pen and write how you want to spend your day.  Don’t plan on writing.  Just write. Do that for 5 minutes

Then get silent again and talk to your God. Do that for another 5 minutes too.

It takes real love for yourself to do that and it’s a test of love .

Most do not continue the routine after the third day, thats a staggering 70% to 80%.

Another 10% lose it by day 15.

Only 5 to 7% make it till full 30 days. And they are the ones who experience the benefits.

Do you love yourself enough to take out 20 minutes for you ?

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