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The Invisible Hand

Many of my earlier posts have not been read by new readers. And I love them the most. Here is just one of those rather, the first one I wrote. I hope you all would love it. Please read below:

The invisible hand binds the universes together. The hand of God or the mother nature, or the divinity or whatever we name it uses one tool, one instrument, one discipline to make things happen in the universe.

This invisible hand, may we name it God, Eeshwar, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Om, Eelia, Khudawand, Mahatama or any other name we may never have heard of uses one congruent energy.
The same energy expresses itself through us in our relationships. We as human beings only experience a fraction of this energy when interacting with each other. Since we know it in the only form it expresses through us, we think it is all there is!

The same energy that attracts a person to another, with its immensity and multiplied to an infinite amount is keeping things in place in the universe…

In a grain does exist the desert and in a droplet an ocean. We have to contemplate into ourselves to find the larger meanings of love…

We have to still our thoughts and silence our souls for a while to peep into ourselves to understand what love is.

In silence we touch God !  This force is called love.

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