When all else fails

When all else fails, step back from all that you want to do. Take a deep breath. Take a few steps back again. Till you are able to feel that you are no more a part of it. It is similar to taking a few steps back from a crowded place till you can only see it as a larger picture.

When all else fails. Read the manual.

When all else fails. Give it a pause and go out to enjoy yourself.

When all else fails. Consult an expert. Ask a person who has already been there. Or ask a person how did he do it?

When all else fails, stop gritting and leave it for some time. We often need breaks to find and start seeing solutions.

When all else fails, start writing down your experience of how you got to this point. Or in simple words document your journey. This may sound ridiculous but it has actually helped a lot of people, managers and team leaders who were engaged in handling large projects. Penning down what you have done to be here in fact lets us see what steps we took and it is among those steps the missing link resides.

And most importantly, when all else fails, after you have done your best and after you have given your best shot, ask for help from one last expert: Ask God.



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