When you are immersed…

He was known as the Maestro and is still known as the same. I have met people from seven nations and in each, people knew him, adored him, loved him and even worshipped him. He spent his whole life into what he loved. He did it so marvelously that he became his work. He became his music. Today, internationally people know Qawali through one name: Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

I am writing this all because I just heard some of his work of music again, but by some one else: his disciple and now a maestro in the becoming, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. These two names can make any one cry with overwhelmed emotions because of their voices. These two names have changed the music of the Indo Pakistan, from their work onwards.
I was wondering, how does this all happen? And all of a sudden, a flash of thought occurred. Such results only occur when you choose to love what you do but this is not enough. Starting off is not enough is never enough. Then you require a sincere, a never ending commitment, an unshakable willingness to practice and repeat what you love doing. You need to repeat till you become what you do!

With repetition comes the nurturing of yourself through your learning. And you keep on doing every thing. You do not do it as an eight  hour activity. You live it. You eat it. You walk along with it. You sleep with its dream. You wake up with it.

Among the traditions of Indo-Pak is a tradition of coloring scarfs as they are called “chunri” or “dopatta”. The scarfs are colored to match the shirts or kameez worn by women. And coloring or dying those is quite a skill that is seeked by ladies. And those involved in the art and profession are called rangrez. Among rangrez is a quote quite often quoted. It says a chunri catches color only when it is completely immersed in the coloring liquid.

Immerse yourself in what you love to do. Then only you would catch its color. And people shall start knowing you with what you do. You two would become one. Be ready to get immersed if you want the color of true long lasting success.





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