Why do we make promises to ourselves and do not fulfill them? (1)

A research study showed that more than 80% goals that are set on January first each year are forgotten, thrown away, turned away from sheepishly, ignored or to put simply are not kept by 20th January the same year.

We have all made promises to ourselves at one time or the other. Why we some times absolutely fail or most of the times just fail in keeping those promises to no one else but oursevles? 

Well, who could be the most important person for us than ourselves? Some one may say his kids or parents are, but again, even in that case we rank immediately next to our family. And the worst happens: we do not keep promises to our family? Only to increase or multiply the guilt.

So the question is why we do not keep the promises? We want to. We desperately want to take our kids to the outing we promised them two weeks back. We want to take her out on our anniversary, but some how some very important and immediate task suddenly pops up at work and we get late. We want to start exercising, and we are unhappy with the mound of fat that we see around our belly and we touch with our thumb and next finger to see how thick it has become. But……. we do not start.

We want to end smoking. We do not. We write goals. We do not follow. We set goals for our business. We just divert away. ( continued)

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