Why fear love?

We are afraid to lose. We are afraid of our hopes not being fulfilled. We are afraid of people who might let us down. We are afraid of taking a risk.

Some times we are afraid to lose our repute against the benefits reaped. In Eastern cultures this is so common. Some times despite all the liking, we do not move forward because of the fear of disapproval of those who are close to us.

Whatever the reason, we fear love because we simply do not know what it is or is capable to do? Any price for receiving  genuine love is nothing.

When some one truly wants to work on our mental and spiritual growth and he or she wants to be a part of this journey as well, no price is high for this worth to be received.

Yet the fear of love keeps us away from it. Because we do not know it yet.  And with all fears, the fear of occurrence of a certain event is much higher than the impact of actual event.

We simply do not open ourselves to the benefits. We do not feel ready. We do not let ourselves be ready. So the moment never comes.  And if even it does touch us by some faint piece of luck, we lose it because of the fear: what if we lose it?

It is only the courageous who are capable of receiving and delivering love.  Thus if we do not find courage in ourselves to find that, we can at least respect those who dare to do the act: to receive and give genuine love !



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