Why Love Redefined?

Love is to extend our hand and wipe out a frosty windscreen for a driving friend, instead of just thinking that  it should be wiped out or wondering why the screen defogger isn’t working?

We do not love ourselves , generally and under most of the situations, although we have an in built, natural capacity to do so.

We plan for weeks to start exercising, we don’t.

We plan to start reading good reading material for months, we don’t.

We plan to enroll in a management course, that can really support our careers in future, we don’t.

If in business, we think we should make 5 appointments per day, we don’t.

In homes and among families, we promise ourselves to spend a real good pure time week end with our kids, we don’t.

The list of excuses is unending. We don’t have much time, audit work is in progress at the office, we are too tired for a new commitment etc etc.  

Whatever the reason, we did not take action. And we feel guilty about that. Our feeling  guilty is the proof  that we were at fault because deep down inside of ourselves, we know we could have done that. We could have managed that, just with a little more effort, a little more of love.

Loving others is only possible,  if we love ourselves. And to love is a verb first, a noun later. To love is to act as loving. We miss this fact and suffer because of inaction. In itself love is too immense to be understood entirely.

Since love is related to our spirits, love can best be explained in terms of what it does to our spirit. Though the feelings of romance, sex, liking some one,  or of butterflies in our stomach upon catching some one’s eye are but tiny facets of love, but these all emotions exist without love as well, some times only for a few weeks. Love is beyond these.

Love is the will to grow ourselves mentally and spiritually. Love is a will to act, rather to act. This will can be extended towards others as well. We cannot contribute in the growth of others, without growing ourselves. It is as if a diamond cutter is polishing and making tiny cuts on the diamond with an intention to transform the stone into a gem. With each move of his hand, his own skill as a gemologist is growing. It is thus impossible to work on the mental and spiritual growth of others and keeping ourselves stagnant. Eventually, we grow in the process. Whenever I have used the word love in my entire writings, I have meant the same: an energy that let’s us work on the spiritual and mental growth of ours as well as of others.

For Most Of Us:

For most of us love is just a feeling of  exhilaration and ecstasy and of joy and high moments. Or if it takes an unwanted turn, it becomes a feeling of sadness, tears, depression and deep sorrow. We are so caught up in the mythology created by holly wood movies and romance literature that we can not see what love has to genuinely offer to us. It is as  if we are so caught up in the glitter of the wrapping paper around the gift that we all together do not bother to see what the gift actually was.

This blog is an effort to let us all see the amazing gift and real purpose this gift is endowed to us.  We shall be answering many questions like these below:

  • What is it after all? What is it that we call or know as love?  Why does this happen to us? Are there any exact reasons? Why did God create this emotion and let us feel that?  What is the purpose, the real purpose behind love?
  • Do our parents really love us and do we really love our kids?
  • What role does love shall play in my career? How can I love my work?
  • Do I really love the woman I am recently engaged to?  Does she really love me?  What are the chances that our relationship can become a success?
  • How can I start accepting my life without my loved ones?  Is there a connection between love and death?
  • Why do we die? Why do the people whom we love die?
  • I never asked of God any thing in my whole life. I only asked of him and God did not allow me to have him in my life? And the most important question of all
  • Do we love ourselves? Do we love our God?

And most of all, this blog is about asking people to take actions: no matter how small. It asks every one to just  begin. It’s an effort to push its readers from their inside to take action. And if one person does this, my work shall be considered to have made a difference.

Perhaps it is the time to redefine ourselves, to redefine our destinies, to redefine our joys and sorrows, to redefine what life has to offer… to redefine love !

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