Win a point or win a heart

We were having a hard debate. The debate had turned into an argument. The argument had turned into labelling each other from “you did wrong” to” you are always wrong.”

Suddenly I remembered some thing. I thought: “This point can make her shut. It can make her answerless.” So I just shut off myself. And went to the next room. She followed me there in her frenzy.

She found me sitting on bed and she just stood there demanding an answer. I stood up. Kissed her forehead and walked out of the house.

That evening some guests were invited and I came back home with groceries and stuff and she was busy in cooking. So we had to work together. The issue dissolved.

Some weeks later, on a drive in a pleasant mood. She put her hand on my hand on the shift and asked: ” What did you do that evening? But I kinda liked that.” I told her that I had a valid point that could shut her off completely.

“What ? Why then you did not say that. You could have won the argument,” she uttered.

Yes I could have won the argument but would have lost my wife for that evening.

I got the most memorable kiss from my wife on the drive!

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